Protect your brand, build your relationships and grow your business on and using social media marketing with qubeSocial

qubeSocial has been created to offer a network of Local Social Media Marketers that provide a resource for Solopreneurs, Micro, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Corporate organisations that have SMBs e.g. franchises.

The overall aim of qubeSocial is to gain competitive advantages for our clients using social media marketing tactics to attract and retain them more prospects, customers enquiries and sales opportunities.

The main objectives for our clients and for you should be to:

  1. Differentiate your local business and brand from rivals (or threat of) and exemplify for your umbrella of relationships
  2. ”Be top of mind” with your target audience by exponentially increasing the number of communication ‘touch points’ with prospects and existing customers
  3. Increase enquiries and sales opportunities using inbound marketing tactics to drive your target audience to your website, phone and or the front door of your ‘bricks and mortar’ business.
We do this by:
  1. Creating integrated web & social media marketing assets that stand you out from the crowd and function in an optimal manner
  2. Utilising key social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (& YouTube) to increase your visibility, communicate, promote and engage with your target audience online
  3. Developing a regular habit of sharing, liking and engaging with your networking significant others
  4. Paid Facebook advertising
  5. Monitoring insights and measuring effectiveness.

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facebook“Steve offers an amazing service and I am quite overwhelmed (in a good way) with how little I have had to be involved after the initial set-up, and the increased publicity being achieved.”
Veronica Kypros, Executive Officer, ACBO