Did you know?

  • That over 68% of all Australians are now on and using SOCIAL MEDIA
  • With more than 14 million using FACEBOOK on average 8.5 hours a week
  • 2.8 million are receiving and sharing information via TWITTER and
  • Around 3.6million have joined and are presenting a profile on LINKEDIN

Most importantly is your business using social media to communicate with your local prospects and customers, and promote why your services and products are unique?

Social media presents an extraordinarily cost effective, targeted and measurable communications channel for businesses to share their messages. Yet perhaps as many as 95% FAIL to take full advantage of what these media platforms can offer.

Primarily to:
  • Raise awareness, interest and desire; and
  • To acquire you more customers / clients to your business; and
  • To retain you more customers / clients for your business.
Advantages of using local social media and Facebook advertising include:
  • Building trust and credibility for you and your business/brand
  • Creating stronger connections with your local network
  • Driving people to your website, phone and/or door if you have ‘bricks and mortar’
  • Raising awareness and interest in you, your business and what you offer
  • Providing you improved budget effectiveness and enabling a far greater spread of integrated marketing activities
  • Measuring ROI is far easier than traditional offline advertising and
  • Generating more sales and ultimately, profit for your business!

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