Social Media Planning

Two hour in-person planning consultancy session

Following the setup your Local Social Media Marketer will work with your collaboratively to determine the copy and design of your social media posting collateral and to confirm marketing, management and media buying tactics.


Benefits = Knowing:

  • Why we are sharing i.e. objectives
  • Who we are connecting and sharing with i.e. target audience
  • What we are going to share i.e. content
  • Where we are going to share i.e. social networks
  • When and how often we are going to share i.e. scheduling
  • How we are going to share i.e. ‘organically’ and paid Facebook advertising

Key Deliverables

  • Two hour audit and planning consultancy session
  • A collaborative approach to guide communications and describe:
    • Your target audience – geographics and demographics
    • Problems you solve and actions you want your audience to take
  • Integrating your social media with other marketing activities
  • Tactics for each channel i.e. actions to be executed
  • Recommend Facebook advertising spend.
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Note: consultants are charged at an hourly rate and fee includes additional one hour/consultant to write up plans.