Corporate Management Tool

qubeSocial is working with and can recommend cloud-based, end-to-end, scalable social media management tools such as HEARIS, that enable targeted local social media marketing ‘on brand and on message’.

Centrally manage social accounts across multiple locations within one dashboard

Whatever the size or structure of your organization, managing social media at scale can be complex without the right management solution.

Cloud based Social Media management tools allow you to manage social media content with greater efficiency and alignment to your operations and to your core marketing activity.

Community Engagement

Update and engage multiple communities at the same time. Run a campaign, publish a post and broadcast updates to one or more communities instantly. Delivering flexibility and efficiency in multi-community management.

Brand Management

Promote and protect your brand consistently across all of your social media communities, by managing all of your Facebook pages under one roof. Built in hierarchical structure, media library and user management features enables delivers capability to alignment brand management to your organizational structure. Delivering brand consistency and brand control.

User Control and Risk Management

User management controls and analytics delivers complete user management control for an organization to efficiently coordinate, view and track social media management, at scale. You are able to set up your user structure to mirror your organizational structure at a regional, company, divisional/unit and individual level, share content for approval prior to publishing, and track all user activity inside the solution. Enterprise-grade controls for greater co-ordination.

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GNC Australia

GNC Live Well Australia recently on-boarded and the value of their social media collateral has been significantly enhanced, as has the awareness and interest in both their online and local store offers.

The results have been impressive with reach growing by hundreds of thousands and engagement consistently high with thousands of clicks to online offers and multiple hundreds of clicks per week to individual store pages.

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GNC Showcase

GNC Melbourne Central


GNC Melbourne Chadstone


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