qubeSocial is a Do It For You (‘DIFY’) Social Media Marketing Consultancy.

Success using social media channels relies on the principle of leveraging your relationships and building your reputation with your existing professional (and personal) connections as well as developing new connections that will remember you and hold you in high regard.

dify-serviceMost importantly social media ‘marketing’ is about marketing – something that many, if not most social media participants often forget. Marketing (and advertising) principles remain the same. You need to establish a point of difference (your brand) and you need to communicate effectively to your target audience (network) with an offer that will satisfy the needs of your customers at a suitable price i.e. unique value!

qubeSocial has qualified local social media marketers with the experience necessary to do your technical social media set-up, integrate it with your web and design your social pages, such that they add considerable value to your business collateral.

We then get social for you and unashamedly promote and advertise what it is that makes you, your business and your service or product offerings unique and sought after by your local target audience.

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