Use Remarketing For Your Small Business – Build Your List and Increase Sales

With remarketing, you should be able to get a better return on investment from pretty much every online marketing activity you do.

I’m hoping you’re reading this article because you have said, “I’ve heard of remarketing and have no idea how to do it, but I want it.”

This is an all-too common comment from small business owners we have worked with. Many businesses have marketing strategies in place but aren’t able to generate the leads and sales they’re hoping for. Most are unaware they can potentially have a second bite at the cherry if they miss out the first time around by using remarketing.

By setting up some new opt-in funnels, beyond your original content or landing page, you can create follow up offers or content triggers to re-engage with your original prospect who visited your website.

The basic template looks like this:

  1. Orignal Content:
    Ads to advertise opt-in offer or relevant content
  2. If Opted They Opt In:
    Ads to advertise a follow up offer (something free or a value add to recent content they viewed)
  3. Second Bite Content:
    Ads to advertise a secondary offer if they don’t (again, something free or a value add to recent content they viewed)

As you can see remarketing allows you to display these ads to anyone who visits any page on your website with or without opting in.

If a visitor has opted in, we then remarket to them with ads for a follow up offer to encourage more business. If a person clicks back to your website and fills out the form for that offer, the ads then change a second time to remarket your secondary offer to again encourage more business.

Depending on how far prospects have made it through each sales funnel, you use remarketing to encourage them to take the next step and so on.

Think about this: What if I met you face-to-face and expressed interest in working with you. I then wanted to learn more, so I’ll most likely head to your website, but maybe I’m a little reluctant, so I don’t buy just yet.

Over the next couple of weeks your ads follow me with remarketing. I might be doing something else on the web, but then I see your ad and think, “Yes, now it’s time to go for it,” and you make a sale when they are ready.

Remarketing lowers the chances of your prospects going elsewhere and purchasing from your competitors.

If remarketing sounds like something your business should be exploring, please enquiry online or contact our team on 1800 QUBESOCIAL (1800 782 376).

Should your business live-stream on Instagram?

Live-streaming is the latest social media trend that every business owner has to be onto, the thing that you need to be doing if you want to reach your audience on social platforms.

While live-streaming is not for everyone, it is clearly gaining momentum, particularly amongst younger users.

In line with this, Instagram has announced that they too will be adding in a live-streaming element to their app, similar to what’s already available from Facebook (Facebook Live) and Twitter (Periscope).

Instagram Live

Instagram’s Live functionality works in much the same way as those other platforms –  select ‘Live’ from the options at the bottom of the composition screen when shooting a photo or video.

A selection of your connections will get a notification that you’re live so they can tune in. There’ll also be a new ‘Live’ notification added to your Stories icon at the top of the Instagram screen.

But there’s a key difference.

On Instagram, your live stream only exists while you’re broadcasting. As soon as your stream is finished, that video is gone – you can’t save it and it’s not added to your profile.

In this sense, the option is more similar to Meerkat, which as another live-streaming app that shut down due to lack of audience. But where Meerkat was most popular was among younger users, which appears to be the same market Instagram is chasing.

Brand streaming?

The addition of live-streaming adds is another consideration for businesses on Instagram. Over the past year, Instagram has been working to improve their add offerings and generate more business interest in their app.

Through the delivery of ads, Instagram can generate revenue, so there’s a lot of motivation for Instagram to make their platform more appealing for this purpose – and while their live-streaming offering is more focused on users, there will still be ways businesses can use the option to expand their outreach and generate engagement.

If you can think of creative, innovative ways to share your brand story and engage with your audience via live-stream – and you have an established audience already on Instagram – then it may be worth investigating how you might be able to use the new tool.

For example, try a live Q&A session (viewers can comment in real-time), an instructional live-stream showing your team at work, a behind the scenes tour of your business and process to build a following and community.

Instagram links

Another option that Instagram recently announced relates to links in Stories content. Now, when you create an Instagram Story – which you can do by swiping right from your home screen – you can mention other Instagram users within it. To do this, you use the text tool in Stories then type in their Instagram handle – if you don’t know it, you can type in “@” and Instagram will bring up a list of suggestions.

When you do mention someone in your Story, they’ll receive a notification on Instagram, alerting them to your content. This also means that anyone who views your story can click on the profile link to check them out.

There are various potential businesses uses for this – you can cross-promote with other businesses, mention winners of a contest, give a shout out to top clients. If you’re looking to boost your Instagram engagement, it’s worth considering how you might be able to use the mention option to boost your presence.

To find out more visit: and call us on 1800 QUBESOCIAL to discuss how to apply to your organisation.

Easily manage multiple shop Pages with Locations

With the introduction of Locations in Australia, you (franchises and multi-outlet enterprises) can connect and manage all your stores (pages) on Facebook.

This free tool lets you quickly add new store Pages, edit information for existing stores, and manage your locations from one central spot.

With Facebook Locations, you can connect and manage all of your shops on Facebook. Our free tool lets you quickly add new shop Pages, edit information for existing shops and manage your locations from one central place.

Customers find your business faster

Locations lets you list and manage all of your shops on Facebook so that everyone can find you in Facebook search or when they land on your main business Page. This is especially important for people who use their mobile phone to find information on the go.

Power local adverts

Nothing shows customers that you are part of the neighbourhood more than locally relevant messages. Create awareness adverts featuring your address, phone number, website and more.

Manage all of your locations in one place

Changes and updates can be carried out quickly with Locations dashboard. You can efficiently view and manage all of your shops in one convenient place.

To find out more visit: and call us on 1800 QUBESOCIAL to discuss how to apply to your organisation or book a free 45 minute consult.

3 predictions for social media marketing in 2017

The social media landscape is always changing, with advances in technology leading to platform developments and changes more aligned with user needs.

Written by Sensis on 09 January 2017

It can be hard to keep up with – but in this post, Sensis tell you what’s coming in social media marketing before it even happens.

Social media marketing is no different – it seems like almost every week there’s a new advertising option or tool announced that can streamline workflows and maximise results.

It can be hard to keep up with – but in this post, we’re going to go one better. We’re going to tell you what’s coming in social media marketing before it even happens.

Here are three key trends on which we expect to see significant focus over the next 12 months.

1. Social storytelling

Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen a rise in social storytelling, expanding the context of your social media posts beyond a single item. The trend spawned from Snapchat and their innovative Stories feature – through Stories, users can post several Snaps over a period of 24 hours and link them all together into a more comprehensive tale, helping them provide more detail and tell a bigger story through their content.

As has been widely discussed, Instagram essentially copied the ‘Stories’ format – but while Instagram’s introduction of their own Stories feature seemed like a play to steal users from Snapchat, the impetus behind the move was really the popularity of the Stories format.

The way Instagram explains is, Twitter originated the hashtag, but now everyone uses it; Facebook invented the News Feed, now every platform has one.

They see Stories as no different, and with 100 million people already using Instagram Stories, it seems they were onto something.

Because of this, expect to see more emphasis on storytelling features, and more audience expectation of storytelling in the content you produce.

2. Honing in

Traditionally, marketing has been about broadcast, delivering your message to the largest possible audience in the hopes of reaching the most engaged people within that bigger group. But social media has changed the perspective somewhat – now, through advanced audience targeting options (like those available on Facebook), brands can research the most common traits and interests of their audience and refine and personalise their messaging accordingly.

For example, previously, you might have chosen to put all your ad budget behind a single campaign about your latest product. But now, you can think of several different ways in which that product can be used, then focus specific ads based on those varying functions to different user groups who are more likely to be interested in each approach.

A hairdressing salon, for example, doesn’t need to advertise to all people with the same promotion, they could target younger users with an offer on the latest colours, older users with specific discounts, men and women, kids and parents – you can create a specific campaign for each group and improve your results based on advanced targeting.

As we move into 2017, we’re going to see more awareness of, and focus on, personalised messaging via the use of social data. The more personalised your message, the better the response.

3. Return on investment

And the latest major trend where we’ll see more focus and development in 2017 is on return on investment for your social advertising spend – or ROI.

One of the biggest criticisms of social media has been that you can’t quantify the cash value of a ‘Like’ or a follow, it doesn’t mean anything in the wider context. This just means we need to be more aware of what’s actually valuable, and develop systems focused on the right elements.

On this, we’re already seeing the social platforms themselves improve their options. Facebook, for example, has an ad offering called ‘Conversion Lift’ which enables businesses to provide their point of sale (POS) data to Facebook to be matched against the audience of people who saw their ads.

For example, if you have a loyalty card program and you take people’s email addresses, you can match that in Facebook against the people who actually saw your Facebook ads, so you can connect your online efforts to your offline results.

In 2017, expect to see more options on this front, and more tools that enable businesses to connect their social media advertising to direct, bottom line results.

To find out more visit:

If you are a small business owner interested in: ‘protecting your brand; building your relationships; and growing your business’ with social media marketing, call 1800 QUBESOCIAL (1800 782 376) or email for a free 45 minute consult.

Q&A Session… with SPI Property Inspections

SPI Property InspectionsSPI Property Inspections is one of Melbourne & Central Victoria’s leading independent specialists in residential & commercial building inspections. Call 1300 721 032.

#LocalSocial project including Facebook page (& Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn and Google (& YouTube) website set-ups, planning & management that commenced with in September 2016.

How did social media marketing & Facebook advertising most assist your business in 2016? 
One of our objectives was to review our social media marketing to ensure that our branding was consistent across all platforms. qubeSocial was able to provide useful advice and direction, answering our questions in a straightforward manner. 

What should the key focus of your social media communications be in 2017 in order to ‘attract and retain’ more of your target customers more often?
Our key focus for social media communications in 2017 is to develop interesting and engaging content to share. For example, our marketing team are committed to building a series of videos to demonstrate the type of work we perform as well as educating the general public on home maintenance and defect issues.

We have a number of new projects on the horizon and we will use our social media platforms in conjunction with the blog on our website to communicate our latest news and services. 

How likely would you be to refer qubeSocial / your local social media marketer, to your business professional network? 
We’ve only been working with qubeSocial for a short amount of time but would be happy to refer the company to our business professional network. Steve understands the importance of protecting and building equity in our brand which is critical in our industry. He’s responsive to suggestions and feedback, provides monthly reports on time and is very knowledgeable in his field of work.

Own or know a business that would benefit from “local social” in 2017? 
Why not book in a free consult appointment now – go to:
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Video Testimony by Empowered Financial Partners

Video testimony by Empowered Financial Partners, Richard Owen for qubeSocial‘s Director of Social Media Marketing Steven G Hubbard. WATCH [YouTube]:

Steve has been managing Empowered Financial Partners social media marketing communications including Facebook advertising since January 2015.

To speak with Steve call 1800 QUBESOCIAL or email

Local Social for Professional Finance Brokers…

Brokers need to think of social media as extensions of their own images, as potential clients are much more likely to find and research you online than meet you face to face.

Local social – the process of directing your social media efforts at your local community to ensure that it’s cost effective, targeted and builds trust and credibility for you and your business – is perfect for brokers, even though not all clients will be within a few kilometres of your office. 

“The power of local social is that it doesn’t work the same as traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is about whoever spends the most money wins,” explains Steve Hubbard, Social Media Marketing Director of qubeSocial, whose specialty is local social.

Read more: Using social channels to generate leads Interview article for the the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) e-news, published on 7 July 2016:

qubeSocial selected by Anthill (Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Australia) as one of Australia’s Top 100 “COOLEST COMPANIES”!

Whoohoo!!qubeSocial has been selected by Anthill Magazine as one of Australia's Top 100 "COOLEST COMPANIES

qubeSocial selected by Anthill (Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Australia) as one of Australia’s Top 100 “COOLEST COMPANIES”!

Receiving an ‘Hon Mention’ in the “Savvy Service” category.

Find out more at:…/.

Opportunity Available: Local Social Media Marketers qubeSocial – Melbourne Area, Australia

About this job

Job description

qubeSocial is an Australian company based in Melbourne seeking to place local area social media marketers in Council territories across Greater Melbourne and Australian Capital Cities. With a laser sharp focus to protect, build and grow brands, relationships and local businesses on and using social media websites, this is an opportunity to be part of something big, getting bigger!

We are seeking numerous local social media marketers who are not just interested in a “job” but an opportunity to “start up and grow their own client portfolio” in their local area. Ideally we are looking for emerging marketers who are keen to:

  • develop as a social media marketing expert
  • become more employable and
  • gain business acumen.

In order to grow your business, you will need to:

  • Proactively find prospective social media marketing clients using online and offline networking (e.g. BNI) to enable ‘warm’ communications, calling and meetings
  • Follow up enquires or phone calls, discuss requirements with openly interested prospects in order to present a proposal that meets their local social media marketing needs
  • Convert prospects into local social clients and advocates of local social media marketing, including Facebook advertising.

The generous social media marketing and management ‘task related’ rates will financially make successful Marketers network partners within the business. As part of your commitment, you will receive training and support throughout every stage of the development process with an ongoing relationship and commitment to achieve a “win-win-win” for you (the Marketer), the clients and the brand. With a competitive commission structure, your focus and drive for results and determination to succeed and grow business in your territory will have you reaping the rewards.

Desired Skills and Experience

To be part of this great opportunity you will as a minimum:-

  • be a University qualified marketer or have a masters qualification in sight
  • have social media skills and understand why Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and so on have changed the way we communicate forever
  • have exceptional communication skills
  • be results focused
  • be self motivated with a drive and determination to seek out new opportunities
  • to understand prospecting opportunities, key marketing and business industry trends
  • be a local networker (offline) and prepared to join and attend regular network meetings
  • have your own ABN (or be willing to obtain), mobile phone (& data), laptop and transport
  • be able to commence Mid October 2015

To Apply

If you meet the above and get excited by the thought of running and marketing your own local social media marketing consultancy with us, then we would love to hear from you!

Please submit your covering letter and resume application to

Applications close midnight Wednesday 30 September 2015.

About this company

qubeSocial is Australia’s First and Best ‘Local Social’ Media Marketing Consultancy with ‘Marketer Qrew’ across MELBOURNE including: Carlton; and the Cities of Port Phillip; Hobsons Bay; Wyndham; Boroondara; Maribyrnong; Moreland; Stonnington; and Casey.

qubeSocial’s aim is to gain competitive advantages for our XS – Medium size business clients using #LocalSocial Media Marketing tactics, including Facebook advertising, to attract and retain them more prospects, customers and sales opportunities.

Success using social media channels relies on the principle of leveraging your relationships and building your reputation with your existing professional (and personal) connections as well as developing new connections that will remember you and hold you in high regard.

qubeSocial has qualified local social media marketers with the experience necessary to provide your technical social media set-up, integrate it with your web and design your social pages, such that they add considerable value to your business collateral.

We then get social for you and unashamedly promote what it is that makes you, your business and your service or product offerings unique and sought after by your local target audience.

Book a FREE 45-minute consult with your local Marketer today and receive a complimentary ‘Social Status’ audit and investment plan.

T. 1800 QUBESOCIAL (1800 782 376)
M. 0418 362 181 (Steve Hubbard)